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The Red Sox Hate College Kids

I mean come ON – 24-0 and 15-0?

That’s just insane.  And I love it!

Josh on his performance yesterday:

"It doesn’t matter if you’re playing in a media game or a college team or facing big league hitters. I actually told somebody that today," Beckett said. "They told me, `You’re going to at least let somebody hit it.’" His response? "No, I’m not going to let him hit it. I’m out there trying to do my job and my job right now is to get in shape for the season," last year’s AL Cy Young Award runner-up said. "If I’m out there facing a college team and I’m out there messing around or something, I might take that into another game. "That’s not what I’m trying to do."

I want our boys in regular-season form for their first games of Spring Training, even if they are against a bunch of kids.  Tonight, on NESN, is the first game against an MLB team- Sox v Twins to start the Mayor’s Cup competition.  Kick some more butt, boys!

I received some interesting email overnight in regard to my rant about Manny (and the president).  I don’t thrill in getting political on here, so I’ll say one more thing and leave it.  As I wrote in comments and a few other place, certainly I don’t know WHY Manny didn’t show, and neither do the asses giving him shit about it.  What I  BELIEVE is you don’t do something as major as refuse a trip to the White House without there being a deeper meaning behind it.  And contrary to what many believe, Manny is not some idiot who walks around all day drooling and then turns into super hitter when he gets to the park.  I believe he didn’t go for a very specific reason and it had nothing to do with him being some horrible person.  And, yes, I don’t like the president and will probably take 1-20-09 off from work and get gloriously drunk in celebration of what that day represents, regardless of which candidate wins the election.  I don’t think that makes me a bad person.  Just like I don’t think Manny is a bad person for not going to Washington.  And as long as the writers keep writing bullshit stories like that piece of crap yesterday, I will be calling them out.  Regardless of the political implications.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.  How about a picture of Kyle Snyder eating a cookie to make us all smile?

Photo lifted from 

(Edited to add:  I’m in the process of a major change – for me – with the blog format.  So if you’re still having issues, my apologies and it should all be fixed soon!) 

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Cry me a river

So some super genius at the Providence Journal decided that Manny didn’t back out on meeting the president, he backed out on going to Walter Reed.

I love it.  Nothing to bitch about in regard to Manny, so this idiot rips him apart, totally overlooking the obvious fact that Manny was probably taking a political stand, how ever small, by NOT visiting the man who put most of those patients in that hospital.  Interesting how he misses that point.  It isn’t about not wanting to meet th asshole in the White House.  It’s Manny being a jerk and not wanting to meet injured soldiers.

Just another example of the Boston (New England) sports media head hunting for Manny, regardless of there being no issues to harp on.

Theo Epstein didn’t make the trip.  Devern Hansack didn’t make the trip.  Julian Tavarez didn’t make the trip.  Where are the articles full of righteous indignation about them? 

You won’t find them.  Because it’s more fun for them to bash Manny for just about anything.  Normally, I wouldn’t link to such a piece of shit, but I hope they see this entry.  I hope he knows that at least one Red Sox fan thinks Jim Donaldson is a vindictive asshole who had nothing better to write about than how Manny ‘dissed’ injured soldiers.

He didn’t.  He dissed the president.  And good for him for making a stand. 

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The Pups

While I stew over my limitations using the service I do for this blog, let me direct your attention to the Boston Herald today. 

Rob Bradford gives us an update on Clay Buchholz‘ "filthy" stuff as well as some excited quotes from Justin Masterson.

I try not to set my expectations ridiculously high, but with these two I really do anticipate huge things happening.

Incidentally, I suggest reading Bradford any time you’re looking for Red Sox news and just ignoring most of the other folks in the Boston sports media.  It’s done wonders for my blood pressure.

Hopefully the blog is loading correctly for you now.  I anticipate a few more glitches and changes before we’re done. 🙂

Sorry for the short post.  I’m using it to test the system.  I’ll definitely have something to say about the Sox visiting the White House later on!

Don’t forget!  Day/night double header today (1:05pm and 6:05pm) versus BC and Northeastern.  Will be fun to finally see what the team looks like on the field this year!


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A Cry for Help

Okay, folks, as you can see I’m messing with the blog style. I like it. I hope you like it. But what I really hope is that you can actually read it.

So do me a favor and leave me a note in the comments if the blog isn’t showing up properly in your browser so I can make the proper adjustments.


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Heading for DC

On Wednesday the team will be visiting the White House.  In 2005, Bronson Arroyo and Manny Ramirez didn’t make the trip.  If I recall, there were mumblings about Bronson making a stand and Manny just being Manny.  It’ll be interesting to see if any of the players don’t make the trip.

To me, and I suspect to a lot of the players, the best part of Wednesday’s trip is that, after they meet the President, they’re going to visit Walter Reed hospital.  I don’t remember if they didn’t publicize it or if my swiss-cheese brain just blocked it out, but they did this in 2005 as well.  So it pleases me that they’re doing it again.  For that reason and that reason only, I hope all the guys make the trip.  I was impressed with Bronson back in 2005, thinking he was making a statement, and I’ll still get a kick out of any of the guys who decide to do that, but I think it’s more important sometimes to put aside political feelings and do something for someone else.  Many folks at Walter Reed will get a charge out of the visit.  Not liking the President shouldn’t interfere with that if it’s possible.

And that’s the extent of how high on my soap box I’ll get.

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VARITEK_FRONT_small.jpgMy Lenten promise is no-alcohol.  A word to the wise, five Red Bulls inORTIZ_FRONT_small.jpg place of alcoholic drinks is something you will regret eventually.  Just throwing that out there.  Easter can’t come soon enough.

Anyway, the time has come again to order Charity Wines!  Last year it was “Schilling Chardonnay”, Manny being Merlot” and “Caberknuckle” (my favorite!).  This year?

“Vintage Papi California Blend”

“Captain’s Cabernet”  and

“Sauvignyoouuk Blanc”.  (Okay, I admit, this is a good one!)

You can pre-order them here and also order last year’s!  (There are also others from different teams.)

Hey, it’s the best of both worlds.  Wine and donating to charity. How can you go wrong?

Edited to add that I found a wine that wins in the best name category:   “Cabernet Glavingnon”.  Drunk. 


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One day closer to real baseball

Kyle Snyder on picture day – photo from Getty Images by Nick Laham

See? I told you it was like school. Eye test one day, picture day the next!

What I didn’t realize about “picture day” (and I should have) was that it’s also the day the team records the promos for NESN and the welcomes and such for the scoreboard at Fenway.

It’s not the best quality, but in case you’ve never seen it, here’s a piece:

“Keep all cell phone conversations private without gestures to attract attention.”
Or we’ll send Mike Timlin out there to smash your phone to pieces.
Speaking of my man Mike: Matt Stone of the Boston Herald took a nice picture of him with Sean Casey yesterday,
If you don’t get out to Fenway much, you might not know this, but Timlin is pretty much a chatterbox. I was going through the vids I took last year to find the one above, and every one I have with Timlin in it his mouth (and usually hands) is going. I love it. But I can only imagine what the clubhouse is going to be like with Casey added to it. No one will EVER shut up. 🙂

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This day shall not pass…

…without my getting in a Happy Birthday to Bronson Arroyo!

(Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

Reds picture day was on the 22nd.  Thank you, God!  🙂

For the number two starter on the team, there have been precious few stories and pictures released from Spring Training.  I need to remember that not every team gets covered at Spring Training the way the Red Sox do. 

There’s also another player who celebrates a birthday today.  He couldn’t be more different from Bronson, but we all love him anyway!

Photo from People en Español

February 24th.  It was a good day. 

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But I need the drugs to help my eyes!

According to Rob Bradford, yesterday was "Test Day" for the Red Sox.  Not only did they receive their annual eye exams, but they were also administered "the MLB drug test".

Photo from Community Eye Health Journal –  taken by R Bourne
The vision of brawny baseball players squatting in front of a slit lamp is pure comedy for me.  I know it’s an important thing to do (if you’re reading this and squinting, go get your eyes checked!  Here endeth the lesson.) but it just seems so grammar school to me to have them all getting tested on the same day.

Visions of  Jonathan Papelbon poking Javier Lopez in the back repeatedly while they wait in line   Or Mike Timlin growling for Jason Varitek to hurry up so he can get his turn.

THIS is the stuff NESN should be showing us.

The drug test?  I can live without watching Kevin Youkilis pee into a cup, thanks.

bobby_kielty_hair.jpgBradford had another good tidbit in that same piece for those of you who really need to know:  Bobby Kielty is growing out his hair again and hopes to look like the picture posted here in a few months.   Hopefully he’s still around as Bradford also reports that there are out-clauses in his contract which say that  he can void his contract "if he doesn’t make the team out of spring training; or two months later if he chooses to accept a minor league assignment".  Bobby has a unique situation.  He isn’t complaining about being a bench player.  He’s happy to do it.  But if Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury both stay with the team, he’ll get even less playing time than the average bench player.  I can’t really blame him for not being pleased with that.  And from a totally selfish point of view, I enjoy this issue of having too many decent players on the team.

I hope Bobby ends up staying.  For that to happen, most likely, Coco will have to go.  I’m still not convinced that will be the right choice.  I’ve written it before and I mean it.  I really like Jacoby Ellsbury but Coco is a better outfielder.  I’d like to see Coco, at LEAST, start the year as the starting centerfielder.

In the upcoming week, I have a handful of friends who will be making the trek to Ft Myers.  As I look out the window at the snow surrounding my house, I know I should be jealous, but I just keep thinking about spring and how much more it’ll mean when the snow melts and I get to make MY first trek of the season to Fenway! 

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With Fronds Like These, Who Needs Anemones?

Photo of our closer taken by Jim Davis for the Boston Globe 

Okay, so Papelbon might be a ball-grabbing, jokester who can’t pronounce his own teammate’s name correctly (shout out to Jere!), but at least he isn’t weird.   And by weird, I mean this (Thanks to Opie for the heads up!):

The news that Jeter and Rodriguez had lunch, believed to be at P.F. Chang’s before Wednesday’s first full-squad workout, surprised those who believe the relationship between the superstars is as cold as ice.   "You all assume things you shouldn’t assume," Jeter said when asked about the lunch being something of a surprise. "I have lunch with a lot of people."   When asked about the lunch, Rodriguez said, "Where did you get that [information] from?"   Told Jeter voluntarily offered it, Rodriguez grinned.

I love that they, obviously, didn’t tell ARod that Jeter also told them not to assume the lunch meant anything.  I mean, that probably would have turned ARod’s grin upside down, no?

It fascinates me that someone so rich and so talented and so famous is also so very freaking needy.

You’re a better player than Jeter, ARod (did I just compliment Slappy?), get over the man-crush and move on.

Speaking of the Yankees, Steve Buckley has an uncharacteristically good (and interesting) piece about my man Mike Timlin being on the cusp of becoming only the second player in MLB history to have five World Series rings without ever having played on the Yankees (thanks to Red for the heads up on this one!).   The other player is Stuffy McInnis, who we all remember as the first baseman for the 1918 Boston Red Sox.  (Well, really all most of us will remember him for his his errorless, consecutive game streak at first that Kevin Youkilis broke last year.)

If Timlin gets a fifth ring, does that make him better than Jeter since, as I already pointed out this week, many Yankees fans look to Captain Fistpump’s four World Series rings as proof of his fabulousness?

And if Timlin is better than Jeter, does that make him better than ARod since ARod already seems to think Jeter is better than him?

Have I mentioned lately how insanely fun it is to be a Red Sox fan in this century? 

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