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I’m tired.  I’m cold.  I just want to stay in bed.  But I must be a responsible adult and head off to work.

If the Sox can get Santana for Lester, Crisp, Masterson or Bowden and Lowrie – I’d be all over that.

Just leave Jacoby alone, Theo.  Leave him alone. 🙂  Buchholz too.  I want to see these two back at Fenway in 2008!

Photo of  my untouchables – heh – taken by Kelly O’Connor 

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We interrupt this baseball blog to talk about hockey

Naked Bobby Orr!

That is all. 


NON-naked Bobby Orr photo lifted from 

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Premiere Photos

I was able to take a few photos at the premiere.  I wasn’t sure if they’d come out given the lighting and the circumstances, but I managed to get a few worth saving.   Special thanks to Kelly for the invite – I had a great time!  (And I also bumped into Dori and Jere, which is always fun!!!) 

Click on the thumbnails for a better view.

1172701-1177986-thumbnail.jpgWally blinded by the camera flashes on the red carpet

From across the way, I couldn’t tell if this was Jayme Parker or Kathryn Tappen

Yep, Jayme Parker
"Righty" of "Lefty and Righty" fame

Tim Brennen of the Dropkick Murphys, in what Kelly called his "funeral suit"! The Murphys clean up nice!

Little Manny!

More Manny Delcarmen

Curt and Family (with the Christmas tree behind them!)

The 2004 Trophy

The 2007 Trophy

Kelly O "on" the red carpet!

Steve the Ferret hides from the paparazzi

Photo of Little Manny that reminds me of a picture Jere would take!

Curt looking all humble

My camera seemed to like Little Manny best of all!

A shot of the entire suit!

Curt Schilling – man what a sharp dresser!

Larry Lucchino with the 2007 trophy


Steve the Ferret enjoying the show

Not one of my photos of Tito came out.  Not one.  😦   Oh well!

My favorite photo of the night:


Two, count ’em, two!

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“And so, the 2007 Boston Red Sox are World Champions…

…Suck it, New York." 

This is how the narration ended tonight at the premiere of the World Series DVD.  I have to admit, my tagline notwithstanding, I’m not always a big fan of dragging the Yankees and their fans into things.  But that line, delivered when it was, made me laugh out loud.  Matt Damon made some fans at the premiere, I promise you.

For those of you with delicate sensibilities, the line is edited for the dvd.  It ends at "…are World Champions".  (Yes, I came home, put the dvd on and checked.) 

So here’s  my review of the evening and dvd (Some will recognize this from the message I just sent them!):

I had a good time. Unlike in 2004, where I cried through most of it, I laughed my ass off at a lot of this.  It was so much fun to relive the post-season.

BUT there is basically NO coverage of the regular season and limited coverage of the ALDS and ALCS. There seems to be more Rockies talk than there was Cardinals talk, thanks to their winning streak.

LOTS AND LOTS OF MIKE LOWELL. At one point, Kelly turned to me and laughed "This film would have SUCKED if they hadn’t signed him!".

Little Manny and his soft lips were there looking awfully spiffy in his suit. The only other player there was Curt and he looked like a ditch digger (he turned to Tito on stage and said "I didn’t get the notice about the dress code, thanks Tito!"). I got to say "thank you" to Larry, Curt and Little Manny. So that was nice. I also saw myself on Sports Desk. When they show the trophies on the red carpet, you can see me from the side/back next to Kelly and then there is another shot when they show Little Manny and I turn to look at him.
It was very different than 2004. I’m so glad we went in 2004. It’s something special that, obviously, couldn’t be recreated.  Although tonight was great too.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be there!

They break down all four WS games, which is fun. But I would have liked more coverage of the rest of the playoffs. NESN needs to make their own dvd again!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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How does it feel to be back?

Photo lifted from 

Mike Lowell is back.  RSN is happy, very happy.  But how does Lowell feel?  He left a year on the table and another $12 million + to stay in Boston.  At the risk of saying what every other fan is probably saying today, he gets it.  And I’m not just being egomaniacal here.  I don’t just mean "he gets how great he has it in Boston".  I mean, "he gets how great he has it – period".  Some of my favorite quotes from Mike yesterday illustrate that not everyone has the mindset of a Johnny Damon or Alex Rodriguez:

…before this contract I had financial security, so I like to believe that I’m not all about money.

 Wow.  A player admitting that making millions of dollars gives him financial security?  No talk of how more money will help him take care of the orphans in Rwanda?  How is Mike’s third cousin twice removed going to make his car payments if Mike doesn’t get that extra $12 million?  The world may never know.

"I really don’t believe everything should be about money. I’ve had teammates in the past who have gone to other places. Sometimes they have second thoughts that they took more money elsewhere. I didn’t think my happiness should be judged just by dollars."

 And with that,  Mike made every sports agent’s head explode.  Don Fehr’s too.

But I can’t say that I’m upset with the situation.  How can I be upset with the money I’m going to be making and the chance to compete for a world title?    I always expressed how much I enjoyed playing here in Boston with my teammates, my manager, and all the fans, and that hasn’t changed a bit, so I’m actually looking forward to working hard this off-season and getting myself ready for spring training.

There is no denying that Mike wanted four years.  He said so many times during his conference call last night.  In the end, though, his desire to stay in Boston won out.  The realization that many factors  came together (including, I’m sure, how well he plays at Fenway) that outweighed another year and another $12 million or so.  And his family agreed with him.  He has a wife who, seemingly, believes the same thing he does.  That piling more money on, when you already have a boatload of money to begin with, doesn’t always have to be the answer.

I don’t care what team you root for.  I don’t care how you feel about the Red Sox.  Mike did something few players do (but a lot of Red Sox players seem to be doing over the past few years).  That says a lot.

Welcome back, Mikey!

"I feel the fans have embraced me and I’ve embraced the fan base of Boston. I’ve enjoyed playing in Boston since the first day I was traded, so I’m thrilled to remain here for three more years."

Indeed.  🙂 

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Oh Happy Day!


So all reports are that Mike Lowell will be signing a 3 year deal worth $37.5 million.  How great is this?

The majority of the Red Sox fans I’m in contact with are absolutely thrilled about it.  I know people who have cried over the news, cheered and danced.  We love our Mike Lowell and we wanted him back in Boston.

The Sox made him a better than fair offer and he took it.  No fool he, Mike knows that Fenway is a park built for him and Red Sox Nation is a fan base poised to continue with their adoration of him.  Buster Olney is reporting that there was a 4-year, $50 million deal on the table from the Phillies, yet Mike chose the offer from Boston.

If that story is true, how amazing is that?  A player took a fair offer from his current team instead of chasing after something else.  Amazing since I keep hearing how NO ONE would do something like that.  Especially from Yankees fans.

Oh, as an aside, congrats to ARod on his MVP award.  True to form, every Yankee fan I’ve heard from or read is complaining that he didn’t win unanimously.  Give it a break, people.  He won the award.  Isn’t that good enough?  Incidentally, kudos to the two writers who didn’t put ARod first on their ballots.  Magglio Ordonez was no slouch this season and he deserved some respect.  Everyone knew who was going to win the MVP, so no harm done.  I approve. 🙂

But back to Mikey Doubles.  The Globe is reporting that some minor details need to be ironed out and I keep hearing that the Sox and Mike will announce the deal on Thursday.  (Theo loves to do these things around the holidays, doesn’t he?)  I can’t wait.  I want it all finalized.  I’ve already done my happy dance and shed a few tears myself but I have a few moves left that I’ll hold onto until we get the "official" word.

Way to get things done, both Mike and Theo.  The Sox got the right man and I’ll only be happier as soon as it’s etched in stone.

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Another day with no real news


I fell asleep last night with ESPN News still on my television.  Which, of course, means I woke up this morning to ESPN News.

The first thing I hear, before I even open my eyes, is one of the ESPN talking heads crowing that "the rumored Yankees offer of four-years worth between $50 million and $55 million to play first to Mike Lowell is ‘pure fantasy’ according to ‘sources’.

You’d think my first reaction would be happiness.  (This was all reported yesterday as well.  I knew the rumor was there was no deal on the table, but this morning was the first I had heard the ‘pure fantasy’ comment.)  It wasn’t.  I actually felt a little sorry for Mike.  If I’m trying to get a job and going through intense negotiations with my possible employer, I don’t have to read about it in the papers, online and watch myself on television.  Granted, no one is offering me $15 million to do what I do, but take the money out of the equation and focus on the humanity.  Lowell is being talked about like he’s an object not a person and, since I’m fond of him, it makes me feel sorry for him.

Not so ARod.  🙂

The latest story is that Warren Buffett advised him to make a deal with the Yankees without Scott Boras.  Buffett’s quote " A-Rod really loves being a Yankee" absolutely cracked me up.  Yes, he loves it so much he opted out of his contract.  These folks realize they can’t rewrite history, right?  That everyone who follows baseball watched Game 4 of the World Series (or, at least, heard what ARod let Boras do during the 8th inning of that game) and everyone read what ARod was looking for in a new contract.  None of it smacked of loving the Yankees or, hell, even baseball.  It is painfully obvious that ARod went back to the Yankees, not because he ‘loves being one’ but because no one else would have him at his ridiculous contract demands.

But the Yankees didn’t disappoint ARod or their fans.  After they swore they wouldn’t deal with him, they, once again, are throwing ridiculous numbers at him because they need him as much as he needs them.  Without ARod, the Yankees are in third place in 2007.  And since no one wants ARod, well he certainly needs the Yankees, doesn’t he?

I’m not sure how many different ways I can write "I just want this to be over because the waiting is killing me".  But I’m sure I’ll write it many more times before the off-season is over.

So, instead of wringing your hands over Mike Lowell, enjoy the photos of Jacoby at the parade in his honor yesterday.

Ellsbury wiped away a tear as Madras Mayor Jason Hale proclaimed it Jacoby Ellsbury Day. He recalled being so nervous he almost threw up driving to the ballpark for his first start for the Red Sox, and pitcher Josh Beckett advising him, "Just don’t screw it up."  

Asked what advice he had for kids who wanted to follow in his footsteps, Ellsbury said, "I kept my nose clean and worked hard. They can do that."


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No news

Status quo today.

Bonds is still a liar and a cheat.

ARod is still greedy.

Lowell is still un-signed.

So I’m off to enjoy a sunny Saturday and leave you with pitchers (you know where my brain is!) pictures of baseball players with kids!

joshbowchildrens.jpg mikealexisdisney.jpgmikeanthonyandalexisnov162007.jpg

kyleatchildrens.jpg mannybaby.jpg

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Where are they now?


All the  Barry Bonds defenders?  Not the ones who don’t care about steroids being in baseball, but the ones who claimed this was all a witch hunt and Barry had done nothing wrong?  There were a boatload of them over at MLBlogs when I was there – many who would lose it on me when I dared say anything negative about Bonds.  Wonder what they’re thinking when stuff like this has finally come to light?

One key question was answered Thursday — until the indictment was unsealed, Bonds never had been revealed to have failed a drug test — but others were posed, such as what to do with his records and legacy if he is convicted.

 That’s an interesting tidbit for Bonds’ defenders to chew on.  And while I’m all for "innocent until proven guilty" I think the book "Game of Shadows" did quite the job of proving him guilty.  Now the law is finally catching up with him.  Truth be told, I couldn’t care less about Bonds getting jail time.  Doesn’t mean a thing to me.  Let him go free.  But I hope his reputation and career are permanently tarnished if not ruined.  Not just for cheating, but for the arrogance he showed while doing it.  For shoving it in our faces and laughing about it. 

Oh, and there’s a special place in hell for a lawyer who can act like his client is being persecuted in the same manner that people are being tortured:

"Every American should worry about a Justice Department that doesn’t know if waterboarding is torture and can’t tell the difference between prosecution on the one hand and persecution on the other," Rains said.

Waterboarding….prosecuting someone who lied to a grand jury and cheated his way to a record.  Yeah, Mr. Rains, those are exactly the same issue, thanks for bringing that up.

Nick Carfardo thought Wednesday was a ‘dark day’ for Red Sox fans, what with the announcements of the Sox starting the season in Japan, Fenway prices going up, ARod closer to signing with the Yankees  and Lowell not being signed yet – I think yesterday was a much darker day for baseball in general.

With the Mitchell report coming out by the end of the year, there could be many of us – not just Bonds fans – having to deal with the realities of our baseball ‘heroes’ cheating and lying about it. I’m not so naive that I think there couldn’t be the names of Red Sox players on that list.  I’m hopeful, though, that there aren’t.  But I also have a few players in mind who I think COULD be in that report.  So while I’m happy Bonds is finally being revealed for who he is – at the very least, vindicating Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams – there’s a part of me that’s sad this is even happening.  Really, I love baseball, obviously, and this all makes me sad for the game.

I wonder how Hank Aaron feels right about now?

Derek Jeter cheats on his taxes, huh?  There goes that halo. (Insert smiley face here.  I think Derek is just trying to make folks think he’s ‘bad’.)  LOL

Man, ARod must be PISSED that Bonds and Jeter are taking up precious space that HE wants to occupy in the newspapers and online today.

I refuse to comment about the Mike Lowell gossip right now.  It’s becoming too frustrating.  Let things play out and see where the chips fall.  

I’d still like to know what the plan is for Mike Timlin!

This is all a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.  I never like to see baseball season end, so I should be happy the hot stove season has become so exciting, right? 

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