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Because you always need a backup plan

Two down, two to go!

 I’m wired, so I’m screen grabbing tonight!

First Billy Mueller, then Kevin Millar…now Bronson is in the house bringing the 2004 mojo with him! 

The rest of my World Series experience will have to wait!

Sox just won Game 2!

Pitching (Schilling), Pitching (Okajima), Pitching (Papelbon)!!!!!!!!!!  Three pitchers, five hits, ten strikeouts and one run.

Hideki Okajima was insanely fabulous for us tonight!  And, make no mistake, the Sox really needed this game.  Heading out to Colorado is going to be a tough road…but, damn, this  is a great way to get there, eh?

Frequent commenter and my good friend Tru was at the game tonight and I think I’ve convinced him to give us a write-up in regard to HIS World Series experience!

Too bad lifting weights doesn’t make Matt Holliday a smarter base-runner, huh?

And as if needed anything ELSE to get me psyched tonight…my honey Bronson was on Comcast Sport Net looking FIIIIINE.

Travel day tomorrow and then games 3 & 4 in Colorado (Heh, modified to add that Game 5 is also in Colorado!  Don’t want to mess with the Baseball Gods!).  I know someone going to Game 4, but not Game 3.  So Game 3 will be the only one, thus far, that our magic isn’t working.  Hopefully the fans on the road will pick up the slack!

Fantastic two games, fellas!  Thanks so much!!!


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Thanks for the Taco, Jacoby!

Jacoby has ensured that we’ll all get a taco, Royce!

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A Day in the Life – Part One

Last night I achieved something I had aspired to since I was 10 years old.   I got to a World Series game.

Even at 10, I wasn’t sure that I’d get to one at Fenway.   I hoped for Fenway, but my plan was to go somewhere, anywhere but Yankee Stadium, and see at least one World Series game.

Thanks to a thoughtful and generous friend, I got to live that dream last night.   And, better still, have it happen right smack dab in the middle of Fenway Park.

Here’s part one of the wonderfulness that was yesterday!  (Think of this as kind of a live-blog.  This is part one because it’s a bit long and I figured I’d spare your eyes a little!  Part two is on the way!)

  • From 7:30am to 3pm, I worked.   Okay, ‘worked’ is a relative term isn’t it?   From 7:30am to probably 1:30pm I worked.   From 1:30pm to 3pm, I bounced around the office like Tigger on speed, waiting to make my way to Fenway.
  • 3:10ish and I’m waiting for the Green Line.   I’m standing near a fella who, although he has no tickets, is convinced he’s going to get into the game.   He explains that willing yourself into getting what you want (like World Series tickets) is a lot like a wet dream.   As he starts to describe this, in detail, to his companion, I walk away.   Quickly.
  • I’m finally on the train, which wet dream guy didn’t get on, and I’m sitting next to a mom and her three kids.   They’re heading to Kenmore, but not to Fenway.   As we approach the Kenmore stop, the oldest child warns the mom that they should get up and get close to the doors before the Sox fans swarm.   The mother laughs and says, “The game doesn’t start for five hours, there aren’t any Red Sox fans on this train!”.   (Mind you, I’m wearing my Sox earrings, Timlin jersey and carrying my Sox bag/seat cushion thingy that has my camo Sox cap attached to it and I’m sitting right next to her.)   As if on cue, everyone in this particular car stands up (and like something out of “The Sixth Sense” she suddenly SEES all the Red Sox gear) and beats her and her kids to the doors.
  • Walking down Brookline Ave I’m accosted by a guy who wants to sell me the official program of the World Series.   Initially, I think this is one of those knock-offs, but, upon inspection, I realize it’s the real deal (Side note: If you want one of these and 1) don’t want to pay MLB s&h and 2) don’t have World Series tickets, they are selling them OUTSIDE the park. So go on down!) so I, of course, buy one.   And the vendor, of course, has no change.   So while I have visions of Kelly getting mugged for her table at the Cask, I anxiously await a co-worker of this dude, who has my $5 change.   I pick up the bootlegged version of the program as well, and head into the Cask.
  • Kelly has snagged, literally, the last free table in the place.   We are snug and happy and drinking. Fenway is next to us, an old Sox/Orioles game where the Sox came back for a walk-off win is on NESN, and all is right with the world.

Man o’ my dreams is back in town!  
Here is where I digress for a moment.   I’ve never made a secret of my affections for Bronson Arroyo.   They run to a totally embarrassing overflow.   I’ve never, NEVER, been this goofy over a baseball player.   Not even back in the Fred Lynn days.   (And I was some kind of goofy over Fred Lynn!)   One of my best friends and sistahs, also named Kelly, got to see first hand how nuts I am over Bronson.   Her reaction “I’ve never seen you like this”.   It’s a silly, embarrassing, weak-in-the-knees, response that I have no control over.   I’m not proud of it, hell especially at my age, but it is what it is.   With that, I’ve decided to embrace it.

This comes up for two reasons.   See, the game on NESN was a game from 2004.   Bronson started it and he, to put it mildly, sucked himself right off the mound.   (It should be noted that there was actually a time when I threatened to NOT go to a game for which I had tickets all because Bronson was pitching.   My sistahs talked me out of my boycott and, surprise of surprises, Bronson kicked butt that night.   But I’m digressing from my digression.)

The other reason I’m bringing Bronson up is because he’s pulling a mini-stint on Comcast Sports Net.   Prior to and then after Game 1 and after Game 2, they have him on to give his view on the games and the teams.   So, this means, Bronson is in Boston.

Bronson is in Boston and I immediately become 16.   I’m sitting in the Cask watching 2004 Bronson suck like the suckiest suck, and I’m wondering if we’ll get to see him at the park.   Maybe he’s bunking with Kyle Snyder and Javier Lopez?   He and Snyder have the same agent!   (Yes, in my imaginary world, men who make $25 million need to have friends put them up when they come in to town.)   Maybe he can stuff a pillow or two under his shirt, put some thick-ass glasses on and pretend to be Eric Gagne.   (Who, in my imaginary world, has been hog-tied, gagged and locked in some underground bunker under the visitor’s bullpen until the World Series is over.)

So if I’m not already out of my mind in ecstasy over going to a World Series game, the possibility of seeing Bronson makes me cross the Rubicon.   Hello insanity!   How are the wife and kids?

  • Only two things truly worth mentioning at the Cask.  The first being the guy we spot wearing an Eric Gagne t-shirt.   I decide we need to buy him a beer and Kelly notices he has a glass of beer in one hand and the pitcher of beer in the other.   We then decide the last thing he probably needs is more beer.   The other phenomenon is the number of people who approached us wanting our table.   Seeing the Sox gear we both wore, they correctly assumed we were going to the game.   Little did they know how dedicated we were to the beer that was a few dollars cheaper than inside.   And little did they know that Kelly was an old pro at this and had everything timed perfectly.   But, honestly, I’ve never seen such a rush.   Practically every time one of us moved, someone came over to ask us if they could have our table.   I’m not going to lie, we gave it to the cute guy in the Trot Nixon t-shirt.   Other people?   You lose.
  •  Walking into Fenway was a bit surreal.  Hell, I’ve been in Fenway well over twenty times this year, including Game 2 of the ALDS, and none of them compared with last night.   It sounds so cliche to say there was ‘electricity’ in the air, but there was.  Last night, walking into the park, I was a kid, walking up that ramp for the first time.  Admittedly, there were a couple of tears
  • Geekiness kicks in as the first thing we see is the Fox set up.  “There’s Kevin Kennedy” someone who sounds a lot like me yells.  I hate Fox Sports and everything about it.  Yet for a split second, I’m thrilled to see Kevin Kennedy.  Ah, MLB, you so own my soul.
  • Kelly and I are both surprised to see Eric Byrnes with the gang.  I avert my eyes and notice Eric Karros.  Let me just say, he might be annoying on tv, but he’s one fine looking man with one helluva head of hair.  I’m tempted to scream “Eric, I love your hair!!” (because I’ve, obviously, lost my mind) and Kelly encourages me to do so.  It isn’t until I realize if I mention “Eric” and “hair” in the same sentence, Eric BYRNES will think I’m yelling to HIM, that I change my mind and stay silent.
  • Holliday is batting .250 in the post season, Papi is batting .417, geniusOddly enough, I see lots of purple and black in the crowd.  Okay, maybe not ‘lots’, but more than I saw mentioned in the news today.  The Rockies fans made a, somewhat, respectable show of it.  Well, ‘respectable’ is being generous.  Any idiot who brings a sign to the opposing team’s park, trashing the most beloved player on the team, knows nothing about respect.  Interestingly enough, this idiot parading that sign around the entire pre-game but the moment Pedroia smashed that home run, he was nowhere to be found for the remainder of the game.
  • Because, as I’ve established, I’m insane, I suggest to Kelly that we should go get beer before the game starts.  We’re IN the park.  We can see our seats from where we are.  And what do I want to do?  Go back ‘out there’ to get beer.  What a good idea!  We find a beer line that looks to be about 125 people deep.  Upon closer inspection (really just me barreling my way through the people) we realize the majority of these people haven’t a bloody clue where they are going and certainly aren’t looking for beer.  After Kelly and some random person, who also wants beer, almost beat a couple of three people to death for pushing their way through a line they can’t get past (thanks to barriers they refuse to acknowledge are there), we have beer and we head to our seats.
Hot damn, I’m at the freaking World Series in Fenway Park!

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Is this Heaven?

Yeah, pretty much.

I PROMISE I will share my experience at Fenway last night (including some of my own pictures) at some point today, probably tonight while I’m watching Game 2 from the comfort of my couch.   Right now, ‘real life’ beckons and  I have to answer the call.

It’s a good thing I only have to type here because my voice is almost shot.  Not that I’m complaining at all!  Special thanks to Kelly O for making last night possible!

Joshua Patrick didn’t let us down and neither did the rest of the team!

Tonight, Schilling will answer the call, I have no doubt!

Photo of last night’s congrats lifted from Yahoo! Sports

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Good News/Bad News – Bring on the Rockies

Wake on Sunday – Lifted from Yahoo! Sports
Kudos to Tim Wakefield for taking the high road and protecting himself and his team.  He isn’t 100% and instead of letting his ego dictate his moves, he stepped up (or in this case, stepped DOWN) for the good of the team.

I’m truly sad that he won’t be on the World Series roster but at least he’ll be with the team.  He is a huge part of why this team is where they are.  He knows it, they know it, we know it.  Thanks for everything, Timmy!  Now just sit back and enjoy the show!

And congratulations to Kyle Snyder!  He’s had a tough time of it, lately, with being left off two rosters and recently dealing with the death of his beloved grandfather.  This must be a wonderful boost for him!

It was a surprise that the Sox didn’t choose Julian Tavarez for the roster.  I can only guess it’s because of an injury or something else we aren’t privy to.  The only true negative feelings I’m fostering right now are toward Theo.  There is no way…absolutely no way…Eric Gagne should be on this roster.  Yet, he is.

Today is a day to focus on the happiness and excitement of a World Series Game 1, so I won’t focus on the absolute suckdom of Eric Gagne.  I hope it doesn’t come back to bite Theo and Tito.

Catch Bronson on Comcast Sports Net (formerly Fox Sports Net) tonight at 6:30 and then after the game.  (He’ll be on after Game 2 as well!)  Yes, the guys on that channel are mostly whiny and/or obnoxious louts, but I can suffer through it to see me some Bronson!

Beckett on the mound tonight.  I certainly won’t take the Rockies lightly, but my thoughts for tonight aren’t that of worry.

Joshua Patrick won’t disappoint.  Bring it on! 

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Put Down the Duckie

Photo courtesy of Dori! 


According to a report on NESN’s Sports Desk, our Pirates of the Carribean gang LOST their pirate mascot!!!  Somewhere in the ruckus of the celebration on Sunday, he disappeared.  I’m guessing he just broke free to try and get some celebratory tail, so to speak, since, also according to NESN, he has been safely returned to The Black Pearl.

Sheez, fellas.  I know getting drunk and boogieing down was important, but you’d think keeping track of the damn mascot would have been on SOMEONE’S checklist. 

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The Day Before


"I’m one of the oldest guys in here and this definitely never gets old.  We knew we could come back and win this," Timlin said. "We really did."

My screen grab of a quite happy Mike celebrating the pennant 

Some of my friends are lamenting that the ‘feeling’ isn’t the same this year as it was in 2004.  Well, of course it isn’t.  In 2004 the Sox were pretty much favored to win the ALCS and we were blown away when they turned up down by three to the Yankees.  Most had given up hope and just wanted it to end.  Add to that the very long (work and school) nights watching games 4-7 and physically and mentally we as fans were all going through every emotion related to fandom.  My office was populated by zombies that entire time.

This time, the Sox played a team that, even Sox fans admitted, was evenly matched with ours.  No one thought it would be ‘easy’ and Josh made sure that the series started off on a high note.  As disappointed as I was after the Sox lost game 3, it didn’t last as I realized it was a good season and there was no shame in losing in the ALCS to a good team (something many Cleveland fans now need to realize).  There was also no outside drama.  No Evil Empire.  No Slappy.  Nothing but good baseball between two worthy teams.

As much as it’s fun to relive the memories and emotions of 2004 (and make no mistake, there will NEVER be another 2004 regardless of how many more World Series titles the Sox win in my lifetime) this is different, but in no way less exciting.  The day I stop appreciating what the team has accomplished is the day, well it’s the day I become a Yankees fan, I suppose.  

I don’t expect that the World Series will be a cakewalk.  I also don’t expect our boys to take any of it for granted.  They toughed it out to get here and they’re going to make the best of it.  Bring on the Rockies, baby!

From yesterday’s comments:

//Cyn, Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight (on whatever network that is) will have a wrap-up from Bronson Arroyo after Game 1. Switch over if you think of it.//

Jere is the man!  Thanks!  2004 was unique and historic and I LOVE it anytime they want to try and work that mojo!  Mueller and Millar throwing out ceremonial first pitches…Bronson around to talk about the World Series…I love this stuff!

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Don’t Wake Me

Papelbon influencing my man Mike Timlin in the dance – Lifted from 

All right, I’m on about two hours of sleep, but I have to get up and out.  Work doesn’t wait just because the Red Sox win the pennant!  🙂

So I’m flipping between NESN and ESPN while I get dressed and I still can’t get this goofy grin to leave my face.

For the record, I was wearing my "JD" Red Sox t-shirt, along with a pair of cheap-o Red Sox earrings…all while watching the game next to my Jacoby Ellsbury bobblehead doll and sipping from the same bottle of Caberknuckle – for all of the last three games. 

Hey, it worked!  But, just like in 2004, my ALCS mojo is different from my WS mojo.  We let the WS go as it is until the mojo needs to kick in.  It never had to kick in during the 2004 WS and I’m hoping for the same this year!

Damn!  This is a really good feeling, isn’t it? 

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Congratulations Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo lifted from Yahoo! Sports 

I’m wiped out.  When my head finally hits the pillow, I’ll fall into a deep, happy sleep.

This team played their hearts out these last three games.  It’s good to see them ALL step up and play like the fans knew they could.  

I love that Daisuke was so effective tonight.  And Okajima, Pedroia, Ellsbury….hell the rookies really came through, didn’t they?

A couple of Cleveland fans emailed me earlier in the week to let me know they bought ALCS Champions t-shirts.  I wonder what they’ll do with those shirts now?

Cleveland is a good team and they certainly gave the Sox a run for their money.  Don’t let the score fool you if you didn’t see the game.  It was 7 straight innings of nail-biting followed by two innings of pure, unadulterated joy.

I’m still stunned.  As much as I’ve hoped and believed they could… I don’t know that I actually believed they WOULD be in the World Series this year.

Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield, Mike Timlin, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Curt Schilling, Doug Mirabelli and Kevin Youkilis.  These guys already have World Series ring from 2004 and they want another one with the Sox.

They claim their 12th pennant and on Wednesday they start the quest to gain their 7th World Series win.

Bring on the Rockies.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough! 

Edited to add that I should NOT have neglected to mention your 2007 ALCS MVP:
Joshua Patrick Beckett! 


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Good Karma

On Friday, Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia brought food (and then posed for pictures and signed autographs) for fans waiting in line to, hopefully, buy tickets for yesterday’s game.

Last night, Bill Mueller threw out the first pitch.

Tonight, Kevin Millar will throw out the first pitch.

Can you guys feel the ‘magic’ at Fenway that Manny spoke of?  I can.  

For good measure:

Thanks to Emmie for the heads-up about Millar tonight! 

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