Red Sox Chick/Toeing the Rubber

Because you always need a backup plan


Fuck you, ARod, for trying to weasel your assholey way in on this night, you greedy, money-grubbing, publicity whore. 

And Fuck Fox, Ken Rosenthal, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck for all encouraging it and going along with it.

Tonight’s story, thus far, is how fabulous Jon Lester pitched and the fact that the Red Sox are (currently) an inning and a half away from possibly sweeping the World Series.   Who cares what ARod is doing?

And who couldn’t have waited until the end of the week to find out?

I hope there isn’t a team in MLB stupid enough to give this man the contract he wants.

And I hope the Red Sox finish this up tonight.  For many reasons.  But now, not the least of which is to push ARod the hell off the front page of the Sports section for a little while longer.

God, what an ass. 


October 29, 2007 - Posted by | Assholiness


  1. Amen to RSC on this one. This is why the best part of seeing the yankees lose in the playoffs is the long camera shot of Dicktree in the dugout with his chin on his hand looking dejected. I hope he ends up somewhere on the west coast, where we wont have to hear about his sorry self so much. Even the Toronto stripper is ashamed of herself for doinkink this moron.

    Comment by Ben | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. I couldnt agree more- shame on you A-Rod! I hope you sit on a shelf like yesterdays bread. Buyer beware, A-Rod Sucks. Our Sox won because they are a TEAM not a "product"Boston Rox!!!

    Comment by Marie H | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thank you Cyn for commenting on this. I was so pissed off yesterday with the "breaking news". Of all the freaking days! Yesterday wasn’t about A-rod and the Yankees. It was about the Sox and the Rocks and the amazingness of their stories. Like Boras couldn’t have waited 24 bloody hours to make his announcement. I couldn’t believe that Fox wasted the entire 8th inning on that "story" – did they realize there was a World Series clinching game going on???

    Comment by MoonstarMA | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  4. I thought this was in poor taste as well. I am a NY Met fan and I ralize New Yorkers do have a reputation of being arrogant and entitled, and I can understand why that is. However, I love all baseball and respect all teams and their fans. So as a New Yorker, I found the Boras announcement the epitome of arrogance and entitlement. Regardless of whoever might have won last night or even won the Series, fact is Boras is a whore and I am truly not shocked he did this when he did. What a way to try and steal the glory from the Games and the two teams that worked hard to get there. And I thought ARod had more class and would have good judgement prevail to make sure his agent did this with class..Guess I was wrong on all counts. And by the way, the Red Sox RAKE. From pitching down to each position player, is there any weaknesses on your team ???? 🙂 Makes me ralize that my Mets have maybe a few years to go to become a contender again.Congratulations Red Sox and your fans. Lee Ellen

    Comment by phurrballe | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  5. It’s Boras, Cyn… This is all his doing. Scott Boras is the ass who thinks he runs MLB, and despite what Seling prefers, or MLB for that matter, Boras believes he operates under a different code.The man is ruthless, calculating and pretty powerful. A heady mix to which the only remedy is for collusion to send a message; never going to happen. There’s owners out there who understand what it takes to put fannies in the seats and get cable revenue up, and they too play a part. Hicks was the first, and NY was able to extort them. Now that Boras is going to try and make his man the highest, highest paid player in the game, nothing is off limits. Not even the World Series.

    Comment by Tru | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  6. I can’t decide who I despise more….. A-Rod or Fox.A-Rod/Boras upstaging the World Series was bad enough…. Fox swallowing their bait was even worse.I don’t give a crap about A-Rod, and I wish EVERY MLB owner would tell him and his piece of sh** agent to take a hike. Unfortunately these 2 clowns will end up getting their money, and ruining not only another team, but baseball economics again.

    Comment by Steve | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  7. Firt off Congrats! I am a Yankee fan so that is hard to swallow, but this team did an awesome job. I am ashamed of how A-Hole disrespected both teams playing last night and baseball. There is a time and place for everything and this wasn’t it. While it is frustrating you still won and that’s the most important thing (not what Mr.Classless did).

    Comment by Amber | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  8. And now it’s out that Girardi will be manager, and that an announcement could come today. And then there will be a press conference probably the next day, but you know what? Fuck it. The more attention they draw to themselves, the more people are reminded that they are NOT World Champs. Again.

    Comment by jere | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  9. In ESPN Latinoamérica they also started to talk about him around the 8th inning a little after that Rockies’ home run, when I was about to have a heart failure and the last thing I wanted to hear about was freaking A-rod. Besides, I had to endure the whole post-season with Candy Maldonado as a commentator who, apart from barely speaking a decent spanish, is an unbearable Yankee fan. But, oh, who cares? Red Sox won again!

    Comment by POL | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  10. Lee Ellen,Let’s be clear what we’re talking about.Scott Boras is not a whore. Scott Boras is a pimp.A-Rod is the whore.Hopefully the WORLD CHAMPION Red Sox will be smart enough to re-sign their World Series MVP, and the Mets won’t get any strage ideas like moving Wright to second so that A-Hole can play third. (Thankfully, the D’Backs don’t have the money to even THINK about it).

    Comment by ByrnesBlogger1 | October 30, 2007 | Reply

  11. I agree Byrnesblogger, on all counts. There was a very good article in the NY Times regarding Boston, Lowell and A Rod and why the Red Sox should re-sign Lowell. I was going to cut and paste it here but it probably is old news already. It was an extremely great insightful article. As for the Mets, they had better damn well address their pathetic starting and bull pen pitching 5 times over before even looking in the direction of A Rod or anyone remotely like him. Just shows you how much I feel even my fellow Met fans have their heads screwed on backward – many are already reworking the line up with A Rod in it – as if the Mets have a need or the resources to woo him. My response to all of them is – 100 A Rods mean nothing if your starting pitching cannot keep opposing run counts to 3 or less. Give me the likes of Beckett, Schilling, Dice K, heck, even ONE of them, on the Mets, and then only maybe, and I mean only a little bit "maybe", think about a bat like A Rod. Personally, I would pass. He is too much maintenance for the Mets – they had problems with little punky Reyes this past season…Willie Randolph and A Rod ??? What a laugh.Congrats again Red Sox. Rockies were impressive but you guys were without a doubt the team to beat. You earned it.Lee Ellen

    Comment by phurrballe | October 30, 2007 | Reply

  12. Oh, and Papelbon is no slouch either. 🙂

    Comment by phurrballe | October 30, 2007 | Reply

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