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There aren’t enough words to describe how happy I still am about last night!

First off, I wasn’t even supposed to be there.  It wasn’t until Friday afternoon, when Kelly texted me that, in case Mike Timlin didn’t make his 1000th appearance Friday, she had an extra ticket for Saturday’s game that I knew I’d be at Fenway on Saturday.

I figured that even if Timlin made his appearance, I’d still have fun at a game with Kelly, so I agreed.  This was also before I found out that Tim Wakefield wouldn’t be pitching Friday and before I found out that Clay Buchholz would be pitching Saturday.

I have a handful of good friends who it is wonderful to be with at a game.  In this instance, though, I can’t think of anyone better to be with.  Kelly is a staunch follower/supporter of the minor league guys.  She goes out of her way to see them play and can tell you anything you need to know about just about any guy on the PawSox and SeaDogs.  So to be with her, watching one of ‘her guys’ do something so amazing, well that just compounded my joy!

Add to that, my friend Nancy and her husband at only their second game of the season, and my sistahs Brenken (coming up from Florida especially for this weekend of baseball) and Sox Cruiser also being at the game and I was just delighted to be part of it with so many of my friends!

Special thanks to all my friends who normally text me during the games!  I LOVE getting texts during games, especially if I’m at the game alone.  It makes me feel like my friends are with me at the game!  (And, I prefer it to a phone call since I can never hear anyone when I’m in Fenway!)  But last night, the last text message I received was at 7:30pm from Tex (and it was one about Texas!) until 9:44pm.  That’s when Dori texted me with the innocuous, “I am so jealous that you are at this game”.  Everyone knew not to mention ANYTHING until it was all over.  Then, of course, my phone went crazy.  🙂  Good work, my friends, good work!

It was too funny, sitting with Kelly and discussing how Brian Roberts wasn’t as social with Mike Lowell at second as he usually is with JD Drew…anything to totally ignore what was going on.  The closest we came was when Coco was up with two outs in the 8th and I told her that I’ve never wanted an inning to end so much in my life.  She added that it would be the first time she wouldn’t mind if Coco struck out.  Heck, I even invoked the “swing, batter batter, swing” chant!  At one point at the beginning of the ninth, the (roughly) ten year-old boy next to me kept saying “Can you believe it?  He hasn’t given up ANY hits!”  I finally said to him, “Honey, we don’t talk about those things”.

Incidentally, it was the most fun I ever had at a game sitting next to a kid I didn’t know.  His favorite players are Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis and JD Drew (Yup!  He actually listed Drew first!).  I thought he was going to have himself a little heart attack when Youk hit that home run!

So I ramble.  Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter.  In his second game in the bigs.  At 23 years old.  Kelly and I sat in section 16 with a perfect view of the mound.  (Have I thanked Kelly yet?  Well, I’m thanking her again!)  We could tell early he was  ‘on’.  His breaking stuff was tremendous.  He went from throwing some offspeed stuff to whiffing guys with 93mph fastballs.  (He might have gotten higher than that…I honestly can’t remember!)  Even still, I never dreamed he’d throw a no-no.  It’s too bad his parents weren’t there to see it (he said afterward that they were in Beaumont, Texas) but maybe that’s part of the reason he was so composed throughout the game.   The only time I noticed any moment of pause was just before Roberts stepped into the batter’s box in the ninth inning.  He (Buchholz) took a moment to compose himself before stepping back on the mound.  I thought, “God he’s just a baby” in that moment.  But I was wrong.  He’s a man, and he pitched better than many other men before him have.

It should be noted that the whole team contributed to the no-hitter.  They scored ten runs, made some great plays – seriously, there should be pictures of Coco Crisp (who better get the Gold Glove this year) and Dustin Pedroia (your AL Rookie of the Year, folks!) any time this no-hitter is mentioned again – and Jason Varitek has now called his third no-hitter in his career.  The second against Baltimore and his second at Fenway Park.  What Buchholz did was amazing, but no one exists in a vacuum and he had a lot of help.

What a wonderful win on so many levels.   The Sox lost four in a row coming into Saturday.  The Yankees had already beaten Tampa Bay.  Buchholz makes a spot start because Tim Wakefield is hurting.  The team really needed this win and Buchholz came through tenfold.  I’m so proud of him.  And so damned happy.

And thanks to my friend Ken, I’m getting ready to head out and do it all over again!


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  1. – People who get to see no hitters in person are HOT.

    Comment by BB | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. So glad you were there, Cyn!!!!!!!!!!!BB: Add me to the hot list. I saw Derek Lowe’s live.

    Comment by jere | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thank you, Cyn, for making me feel the goose bumps that you did. Great post!! I loved it!!

    Comment by Peter N. | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  4. Incredible… These kids…Jesus, Buchholz? A No Hitter! What kind of nasty stuff does he have? Good God, if he serves up one more performance that is 1/4 as good as last night, how do the Sox keep him off the roster? What a great problem to have…Too Short Pedroia? If this kid does not cop ROY, it will be a crime against any thinking baseball fan. Not only has he shown up with his bat, but what a catch! Jesus, this kid is 10 feet tall in my book!Tek? Tek did what Tek does… calls a great game. It was like watching taut wire from Clay’s hand to Tek’s glove at points… No glove movement to adjust at all. Moss? Good defense last night, and score a run. Ellsbury? LMAO, 1st at bat, uses the wall that was supposed to be owned by Nancy and knocks in a pair!Coco? Give him the GG. Another crime if it does not happen.The team? Great celebration on the field. Watching NESN, I don’t know if anyone else caught it, but Josh Beckett was yelling at Buchholz that his showing was better than Schilling’s; Schilling was standing next to Beckett and they were all laughing their asses off. What a great moment for the rookie!Tito… He did the right thing.What a great night of baseball…

    Comment by Tru | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  5. you are SO getting your own flag. I loved getting the texts from everyone after having to leave home during the game. almost like being there. hate that his family couldnt be there…i was wondering if they were. But i know kelly got some awesome pics for his family.

    Comment by Tex19 | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  6. I had my phone open about 5 times during the 7th and 8th, and kept slapping it shut. Then, when it was all over, I couldn’t stop clapping long enough to finally send something! I am SOOOOOOOoooo glad for you and your "sistahs", that you all got to be there! Watching Clay after the game had me all choked up. I wanted to give Tina C. a real dirty look and a bump back into the locker room at one point, for jumping on him so soon after the game. The guy was all teary eyed, and she’s asking him "what is going through your mind RIGHT NOW?" However, he did a great job, and an awesome one during the conference in the press room. Tru, I saw the same moment you did; I was semi-horrified for a second ("Did Beckett actually just SAY that??") until I saw Schilling laughing and nodding and reaching to hug Buchholz and KISS him on the top of the head!And to think, just the night before, Lowell was saying how much they were looking forward to the call ups "to get some depth." Methinks Mr. Doubles is the King of Understatements. I’m heading off to spend a week in Yankee country, ICK! Think of me, and send me Boston Vibes, everyone, I’m gonna need ’em!

    Comment by Emmie | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  7. That is amazing that not only were you there. But to be there with a fan of the minor leagues has to be an experience like no other. I was watching on my laptop and wanted to call all of my friends going into the 7th. But was paranoid that I may jinx the potential no-no. I think I called everyone in my phone book after that 12-6 curve ball was called strike. And you hit it dead on with Dustin "the 2007 ROY" Pedroia and Coco "Gold Glove" Crisp. Nice post and even better pictures

    Comment by Marcus | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  8. I’m so glad you got to enjoy the no-hitter live. I would have been so beside myself if I had been there last night! You captured it so well. Even on TV I knew I was witnessing something so remarkable.

    Comment by Redbeard76/Stephen | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  9. Thank you cyn for getting those papers for me !!!

    Comment by Tex19 | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  10. Tru and Emmie.. I saw all that same stuff! I heard Beckett yelling "You did better than Curt Schilling!" and I looked at hubby and back at the screen and he yelled it again and then Schill comes into the picture laughing and hugging Clay. It was SO fun to watch!

    Comment by Varitekchick | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  11. VC, you are so right! It sounds kinda corny, but it is wonderful to see how well these guys seem to get along, and how they root for each other. I loved seeing Beckett leap over the fence to get onto the field.

    Comment by Emmie | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOT!! What a Game to be at today Too!!! Jacoby getting his first MLB HR, Stealing a base and making a Coco-esque Diving Catch!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

    Comment by Tex19 | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  13. Nice job Cyn. I’d be speechless for days.

    Comment by hayes | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  14. Nice job Cyn. I’d be speechless for days.

    Comment by hayes | September 2, 2007 | Reply

  15. is there an echo in here??is there an echo in here??

    Comment by Tex19 | September 2, 2007 | Reply

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