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1172701-796049-thumbnail.jpgSox took two out of three (losing the one game I was actually AT) against the Yankees, pushing their record to 5-1.  I don’t care what month of the season it is, this is huge.

I’ll write more about my New York trip later…as ever, after a ‘wild’ weekend, I’m running late and lacking sleep.  🙂

So sad about Josh Hancock.  My prayers go out to his family and all the Cardinals fans and players.  No words seem appropriate any time something like this happens.

Met Kyle Snyder briefly over the weekend (more about that later) and got to watch a game from the confines of a "New York Red Sox Bar"…in spite of the terrible news about Hancock, and the loss Saturday, the weekend was quite an enjoyable one. 

(Picture of Manny’s boo-boo face taken by me during batting practice on Saturday) 

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GOOD Friday!

Just a quickie as I’m on my way to catch a train…Jon Lester pitched really well last night in a Pawtucket win (even though he didn’t get it because the PawSox didn’t score until the 8th inning!) and I was there to see him with Kelly.  It was wonderful to see.

The Yankees seventh (is it 7?) loss in a row via text on my cell phone and then WEEI/WRKO on the way home was almost equally as wonderful.

It’ll be nice to walk into Yankee Stadium today knowing how well the Sox did last night.  Of course, since I’m working on about 2 hours of sleep, I might end up napping there!

Not sure if I’ll be blogging whilst in NY, but the laptop is taking the trip as well so it is a possibility.


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Nice way to end the day!

Wily Mo finally comes through!
Mr. Beckett comes through yet again.  Only the third pitcher in Red Sox history to have a perfect April (the other two being Babe Ruth and Pedro Martinez – not too shabby!) and the only pitcher in MLB right now with a 5-0 record.

Good for Wily Mo for helping out his pitcher with a monster grand slam.  So nice to see.  As Wily Mo put it in his interview with Tina Cervasio "Today is a different day…I just keep going".  🙂

Jonathan Papelbon shut down the O’s to end the game.  Sox used two pitchers tonight.  Makes me feel great for the weekend.

In other news, the Yankees lost, again.  Phil Hughes wasn’t terrible, though, even though he didn’t go very far in the game.  Yankees fans, he’s 20 years old and was tossed into the fire.  Give him a little break, huh?

Unless there is a monsoon (which I hear is possible), I’ll be at Jon Lester’s 2007 Pawtucket debut tomorrow night.  There are  no words to describe how excited I am at that possibility.  Especially knowing he’s healthy!

Then on Saturday I hit the Bronx.  I am truly looking forward to seeing Tim Wakefield pitch at Yankee Stadium!

It’s going to be another long weekend, but it’ll be another weekend that is certainly worth it!

Sox are 14-7 right now.  April or not, that’s pretty freaking sweet! 

(Oh, and Gary Thorne "misunderstood" what was said about Schilling’s sock.  Two years ago.  And he decided to relay the story last night without clarifying the circumstances under which he ‘heard’ this.  Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy Gary.  No soup for you.) 

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Too bad Gary Thorne wasn’t playing tonight…

Up yours, Thorne
…so Beckett could drill him in the ass with  a fast ball.

 I love how, in the article referenced here, Gordon Edes feels the need to say Thorne has a "solid national reputation" because he’s worked on ESPN.  Give me a break.

He comes out and starts a lie about Schilling’s sock in 2004 being paint not blood because Schilling is kicking his team’s ass.  Giving fuel to the idiots, like the many Yankees fans online last night, who believe such things.

Schilling’s sock is a Hall of Fame artifact. I’m quite certain they wouldn’t uphold some massive lie about that.  And what about all the guys from the 2004 team who aren’t in Boston any longer?  Does ANYONE think if this was true that Doug Mientkiewicz wouldn’t have told the world already?

Or Pedro Martinez?  Anyone think he wouldn’t have used this to disparage Curt given their, supposed, tenuous relationship.

For what it’s worth, Oriole Kevin Millar came out and said that, OF COURSE it was real.  Up yours, Thorne. 

 Doug Mirabelli claims he doesn’t even know Thorne.  Mirabelli is the perfect guy to lay this on.  He has a reputation within the press corps.  He’s not their favorite boy.  I hope Thorne gets reprimanded big time for this, the asshole

In less cranky news, Schilling and Sox kicked the butts of the Orioles and their bullpen last night.  Had to feel a little sorry for Daniel Cabrera, who pitched a good game only to watch his mistakes and his bullpen mess things up.  And may I just say, please continue to start Alex Cora, Tito?  Thank you.

Bronson made his fifth start of the season and pitched well AGAIN only giving up 1 run…guess what he didn’t do?  He didn’t win.  7 innings, five hits last night, no wins this season…oh Bronson.  At least we have Wily Mo, right?  Ugh.

During the game, Remy and Orsillo noted that the Orioles spent $41 million to revamp the bullpen.  Near the end of the game, Remy said that the Orioles were watching $41 million being flushed away.  

No wonder Thorne was such an ass.  🙂 

Okay, I have to rant a little more.  Thorne throws this out there last night with little more than a "Mirabelli said so, ask him" and people are going to believe him?  The Red Sox have an entire team, the doctor (Bill Morgan, who was FIRED from the team and still insists it was real) and the Hall of Fame.  It will be disappointing if Thorne doesn’t get reprimanded for this.  

I can’t wait to hear what he says about this tonight. 

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How do you spell “ugh”?

Well, at least Mikey hit a home run!
Not much positive to write about last night’s suckfest.  I’m getting tired of writing "well at least the Yankees and the Orioles lost".  (Well, not really…:-D)

Roy Halladay was Roy Halladay and Julian Tavarez was…not.

Two in Baltimore, three in New York.  Let’s get back on track boys.

ARod’s streak…she is over.  What’s the over/under on the first time he gets booed again in Yankee Stadium?

Interesting note courtesy of the Boston Herald.  The Baseball Hall of Fame asked Jason Varitek for the bat he used to hit that fourth home run Sunday night and he agreed.  Very, very cool.

Well, it could have been more, but at least there is some space between the Sox and the Yanks right now.  I’m hoping by Friday it is a bit more!  That would be a nice way to go into the weekend series. 

Excellent editing skills, folks
(Editorial note.  For what isn’t the first time – going by a Google search – in the byline of the article I referenced, the Boston Herald spelled Jeff Horrigan’s name "Horrgan".  Is it that difficult to spell the name of a regular contributor to your paper?) 

Jon Lester pitches for Pawtucket tonight and then again next Tuesday.  I just can’t wait for him to be back at Fenway! Whether it is with a ticket I already have, or one I have to buy on one of ‘those’ web sites…I WILL be there when he makes his Fenway starting debut of the year! 

One note not related to baseball…today the Red Sox Hen and my dad have been married 42 years.  Pretty damned impressive if you ask me.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad, I love you!  Here’s hoping Schilling wins one for you both! 

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A brief note about last night

My view of Mike last night
I had the perfect view of Mike Timlin making that "catch".  My heart stopped and then I just had to cheer.

I’m not sure I’ve related here how big a Timlin fan I am.  (Let’s just say Kelly thought I was going to punch a guy last night who jokingly referred to him as "fifty years old".)

Timlin had big trouble last night (triple, the a home run after Gregg Zaun almost beheaded him…yeesh) but he made a great play and saved his face (literally) so he’s off the hook with me.  🙂

The rest of the team?  Well, Wake wasn’t horrible but he seemed to finally had his ‘bad’ game.  It’s too bad but given the Orioles and Yankees lost too, no harm, no foul.  I’m not going to wring my hands about one loss after three wins.

Off to find a Red Bull for breakfast.  🙂 

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More back to back baseball

recordapril22.jpgOver the last two weeks, I’ve been to seven games so far (Sox are 5-2 when I’m in the park) and six of those games were back to back. Including tonight and last night.

I have to tell you all, I’m pooped.

The Sunday game versus the Yankees was just amazing to be at. Out of the three games, it wasn’t the ‘best’ one…I give Friday’s game that title…but how many times do you get to see your guys hit four consecutive home runs?

I’m going to plagiarize myself and post here what I wrote somewhere else on line last night:



Manny hits his homer and the guy next to me says "This is it, the seal has been broken". So then JD hits HIS homer and the guy says "See? We’ll be fine. Mike Lowell can hit a home run here". Meanwhile we’ve been screaming like idiots. Lowell hits his homer and my throat does that rip thing it does when I scream too much (and it hasn’t done that since 2004)and I turn to the guy and say "How sweet would a Tek home run here?" Mind you, I didn’t think for a minute he actually WOULD. I was sitting on the right field roof, just to the right (if you’re facing them) of the Tony C seats. When Tek hit his homer, I have no idea how my entire row didn’t just fall over the wall from how fast we jumped up and how many high fives we were throwing around. Hey, we also saw a Yankees fan get thrown out too…so that was a nice cherry on the sundae.

The mood in the park for the game up to that point was one I’m not familiar with during a Yankee game. I actually heard many people say things like "They were behind in the first two games too…this isn’t over.". No one around me was down-hearted during the course of the game when the Sox were down. It was remarkable.


I thought Matsuzaka’s first night in Fenway was the wildest I had seen there. This topped that. After Varitek hit that fourth home run…everyone in the place just lost it. I’m so grateful I was there to experience it. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t realize how fortunate I am that I live and work so close to Fenway that I’m able to make all these trips there. I do.

Papelbon coming in is always brings conflicting feelings in me. I KNOW how great he is, but I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? Given how he’s been performing, I’m sure that will change soon. 🙂

Okay, I started writing this at midnight and it’s now 6:30am. (I literally fell asleep while typing!) I think it’s probably a good thing that I’m not going to Fenway tonight. This chickie needs a little rest!

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Thank you, Red Sox

It is after two and I need to be up in a few hours.  So getting into the game won’t happen tonight.  I’ll be AT the game tomorrow and after that I’ll be able to write about what I got to see in person tonight.

So, for now, all I say is ‘Thank you, Red Sox’.  Regardless of what many Yankees fans have said and will say, you did a pretty great thing this weekend and, especially, tonight.


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Sometimes, other people just say it better than I do

I rarely quote from other blogs, but this one was too good to let go. 

From my good friend Kelly, the Triumphant Red Sox Fan, today:

All the Yankees fans who are whining about how the only reason they’re losing to us is because of all their injuries need to SHUT UP. I didn’t hear them cutting any slack to the Sox last August when we were swept in five games at home at a time when we were hobbled by injuries. Our starting pitchers in that series included Jason Johnson and rookie Jon Lester (who didn’t yet know he had cancer), with guys like Javy Lopez and Eric Hinske playing regularly and a cast of thousands covering right field. Besides, a month later, still racked with injuries, we took three out of four from the MFY in their house. So go away.

Here’s to a great game tonight!

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The pressure is off

celebrategame2yankeesapril21.jpgAny ball player will tell you that the objective is to win the series.  Sweeps are great, but if you can win the series, it’s pretty damn acceptable.

Sox already did that.  Tonight is gravy.  Matsuzaka can pitch with no pressure and the hitters can do the same.  Can’t say that having a lefty out there the team hasn’t seen before isn’t a little bit of concern, but the way I see it, if the team can sweep the Yankees this weekend, sweet for them and for all the fans.  If not, this weekend has ALREADY been a success and you can’t begrudge them one loss.

Still, I want the sweep.  Especially since I’ll be there.  🙂

So proud of the pitching again yesterday.  Beckett, while not red-hot, after the first two innings was good and kept the team in the game.  Mike Timlin came in, again, and did what he was supposed to do, again.   Papelbon…well he’s just ridiculous isn’t he?    Six appearances, 5 saves (out of 5 save opportunities), 12 strikeouts and a 0.00 ERA.  The kid is nasty. 

But the big story, to me, is Hideki Okajima.

In spite of his first pitch in the majors being a home run ball to John Buck on opening day, Okajima showed us this weekend that he has the stones (and talent!) to not only play in MLB, but to perform under the pressure of the Sox/Yankees rivalry.  Twice, this weekend,  they asked him to come through, and twice he has.

And before the likes of "Evilsnare" come around to point out that it was against a ‘depleted team’, let’s review who Okajima faced this weekend.

Friday night:  Ninth inning.  Derek Jeter (grounds out) – Bobby Abreu (walks) – Alex Rodriguez (lines out) and then, thanks to a less than brilliant call on Torre’s part, instead of facing Jason Giambi, he gets Kevin Thomspon to strike out swinging.

Saturday evening:  With two outs in the seventh inning,  Jason Giambi (strikes out swinging and Kevin Thompson yells from the dugout – "I could have done that!") – Eighth inning he’s against Robinson Cano and gets him to ground out.

Impressive, impressive stuff. 

Tonight should be fun.  After the last two games, it’ll be exciting to see what transpires!

Go Sox!!! 

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