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Because you always need a backup plan

October 27, 2004…11:37pm

With all due respect to the White Sox, it’s time for me to reflect on the most amazing time in Red Sox Nation’s history.  One year ago today.

davemikeI watched the final game with my parents…and when it was over I drank an entire bottle of champagne and fielded phone calls and emails from just about every person I ever met.  I watched all of the local coverage and ESPN until around 2am…and never went to sleep.  I watched the Red Sox come home with the trophy on the early morning news, got dressed in my Sox gear and went to trottitowork to celebrate with the people in my office. We laughed and cried and did nothing all day but read about the World Series online and talk about the historic way the Sox got there.

That Saturday was the most amazing parade/rolling rally any sports town has ever seen…and I stayed home alone while my friends and relatives went into town…and cried for the entire length of the parade (luckily every channel in town covered it and I taped every moment of it).  I thought about so many people I know who didn’t get to see this and I thought of my (then) 69 year old dad who waited his whole life for it.

It was the best October ever.

Red Sox fans are spoiled by their team.  Many are commenting on the lack of emotion from the White Sox on their win.  Not every team is comfortable showing the man-love like MY Sox are.   Those guys celebrated like they just accomplished the most important thing in their careers…the White Sox celebrated like they just won a big game.  Different strokes is all.

I was worried that a new World Champion would take away how I’ve felt all year about the Red Sox winning in 2004 – when I watched Ozzie Guillen interviewed last night, I realized I was wrong.  Nothing will ever diminish what the Red Sox did and how they made me feel.  If anything, I love them more this morning than I did yesterday.

Thanks for an amazing, year-long celebration of an amazing accomplishment fellas!


Can’t wait until we do it again!


October 27, 2005 - Posted by | World Series


  1. I thought the White Sox showed loads of love to each other last night. Guillen isn’t an emotional guy, I think; he seems very deadpan whenever he’s interviewed. He said a few days ago that he doesn’t “jump back and forth” because he wants his players to have all the attention and all the glory.

    Anyway, I thought they showed a lot of emotion. I wonder if the major networks will carry any of the celebrations–I hope so! I don’t have cable, and I live in CO, so I need to see sports news etc. on the local/national networks. Not fun sometimes…

    I wanted to say also–huge congrats to Ortiz for the Hank Aaron award!

    Comment by Salena | October 27, 2005 | Reply

  2. Compared to the way the Red Sox celebrated in St Louis, the White Sox were pretty laid back.

    Actually, in his post game interview, Ozzie teared up…which was nice to see a little emotion that wasn’t fueld by ego come out of him.

    ESPN showed clips of the Sox parade last year, don’t know if they have the same plans for the White Sox this year.

    And thanks, we’re all very proud of our Big Papi!

    Comment by Cyn | October 27, 2005 | Reply

  3. From what I saw they did show “man love”. But I agree that it looked nothing like the Red Soxes or the Yankees. But hey each team is different in how they like to do their thing. At the end of the day that team looked very happy and overjoyed with their accomplishments. It was nice to see.

    Comment by | October 27, 2005 | Reply

  4. Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world
    She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere
    Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit
    He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

    A singer in a smokey room
    A smell of wine and cheap perfume
    For a smile they can share the night
    It goes on and on and on and on

    Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard
    Their shadows searching in the night
    Streetlight people, living just to find emotion
    Hiding, somewhere in the night

    Working hard to get my fill,
    Everybody wants a thrill
    Payin’ anything to roll the dice,
    Just one more time
    Some will win, some will lose
    Some were born to sing the blues
    Oh, the movie never ends
    It goes on and on and on and on


    Don’t stop believin’
    Hold on to the feelin’
    Streetlight people

    Comment by | October 28, 2005 | Reply

  5. Cyn–

    Why on earth did you not go to the parade last year?!

    Comment by Kellia | October 29, 2005 | Reply

  6. “Pedro doesnt accept his world series ring”

    Good God, snare…you really DON’T know what the hell you are talking about.

    Kellia, I was sick plus I absolutely knew I’d just be a mess (in the best way!) and wanted to celebrate a little more privately.

    Comment by Cyn | October 30, 2005 | Reply

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