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God Speed, Theo Epstein

And thank you for October 27, 2004.  Because, regardless of what anyone else will say over the next few days, there is NO WAY that happens without YOU.Theogame7alcs

I can’t really comment on this yet…because I don’t trust any of the media in Boston and am not comfortable commenting on all the speculation going on…but I will say this:  If this is what Theo wanted; if it wasn’t about money; if it is just his time to move on because he’s accomplished what he set out to do…good for him.  And good for him if he’s walking away from that money because he doesn’t want to deal with Larry Lucchino.  No sense selling your soul to the devil if you think that’s what you’re doing.

I’ll miss Theo, something awful, and it will only get worse before it gets better.

But I wish him luck and, again, thank him for what he accomplished in 2004…a wonderful memory.

I’m sure before this week is over, and when I’m not in shock, I’ll have more to say…but first I’d like to get the REAL story.

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Great news if it’s true

Sean McAdam is one of the few "journalists" around here with any integrity, so no reason to think it ISN’T true.

Apparently, the Red Sox and Mike Timlin have come to an agreement.

"Timlin, who established a club record for most appearances (81) in a season last year, will return on a one-year deal. Timlin is likely to earn a modest increase from his 2005 base salary of $2.75 million, with the new deal worth somewhere close to $3.5 million.

The team will have Timlin undergo a physical early next week, which will make the agreement official."

All I can say this early in the morning is WOO HOO!

And, "sign Theo"!

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October 27, 2004…11:37pm

With all due respect to the White Sox, it’s time for me to reflect on the most amazing time in Red Sox Nation’s history.  One year ago today.

davemikeI watched the final game with my parents…and when it was over I drank an entire bottle of champagne and fielded phone calls and emails from just about every person I ever met.  I watched all of the local coverage and ESPN until around 2am…and never went to sleep.  I watched the Red Sox come home with the trophy on the early morning news, got dressed in my Sox gear and went to trottitowork to celebrate with the people in my office. We laughed and cried and did nothing all day but read about the World Series online and talk about the historic way the Sox got there.

That Saturday was the most amazing parade/rolling rally any sports town has ever seen…and I stayed home alone while my friends and relatives went into town…and cried for the entire length of the parade (luckily every channel in town covered it and I taped every moment of it).  I thought about so many people I know who didn’t get to see this and I thought of my (then) 69 year old dad who waited his whole life for it.

It was the best October ever.

Red Sox fans are spoiled by their team.  Many are commenting on the lack of emotion from the White Sox on their win.  Not every team is comfortable showing the man-love like MY Sox are.   Those guys celebrated like they just accomplished the most important thing in their careers…the White Sox celebrated like they just won a big game.  Different strokes is all.

I was worried that a new World Champion would take away how I’ve felt all year about the Red Sox winning in 2004 – when I watched Ozzie Guillen interviewed last night, I realized I was wrong.  Nothing will ever diminish what the Red Sox did and how they made me feel.  If anything, I love them more this morning than I did yesterday.

Thanks for an amazing, year-long celebration of an amazing accomplishment fellas!


Can’t wait until we do it again!

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Congratulations to the White Sox

They weren’t the team I wanted to win – but they certainly EARNED this championship. 

Good job.

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And now a few words from Mike Timlin

Timlinpitches2005_2 Courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Timlin, who severed ties with longtime agent David Sloane and is representing himself, contacted Epstein last week in an effort to start talks about a new deal to keep him in Boston. Timlin is eligible to file for free agency after the World Series. The two exchanged voice-mails last week but haven’t talked, Timlin said. ”I just want to be able to do this and get this done," said Timlin. ”I’m not going to say I need two years. We’ll do what we can to re-sign with Boston."

Now there is a MAN.  Mikesarm_2I think we’ll be seeing Mike play in the "twilight of his career" right here in Boston.  He’s coming off of one of his best seasons EVER and could probably field some decent offers (rumors have the Yankees pining for him) from other teams, but he wants to re-sign with Boston. 

Who’s the man, Mike? 

You are, baby, you are!

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Okay, I’m watching…

…and already I want to stick ice picks in both my ears.  What the heck was that "We are the world" knock off at the beginning of the game?  Good lord.  Just…ugh.

And Joe Buck has just announced that this is a MUST WIN for the Astros.  Apparently, his math is off.  Either that, or he has already forgotten the 2004 ALCS.

I hate the hyperbole…the manufactured drama.  Sure the Astros would be in a better position if they win tonight…duh, Joe…but to get all melodramatic and announce that is IS  must win…please.  Three games down would not be insurmountable.

Has history taught us nothing?  🙂

(okay, one last item for now…why is the roof open?  Since when does MLB get to dictate how the teams decide that?  Only 2 games this year did they play with the roof open, why should this game be any different?)

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Scott Podsednik

Makes me very happy I helped vote him on to the All Star team this year.

While I think I would have preferred a different winner last night, I was very happy for Pods…he gets dissed a lot, unfairly I think, and it was great to see him shut up his detractors, even if for only a couple of days.

I’m getting a vibe off of this series like last year’s.  Another sweep by a team called "Sox" wouldn’t surprise me.  It wouldn’t thrill me either, but it’s looking to be more and more believable.

Well, if that happens, at least there’s one guy on the team I’ll be truly happy for.

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US Cellular Field

Capacity:  39, 366 (according to

Average attendance in 2004:  24,437

Average attendance in 2003:  23,944

These aren’t as horrible numbers as folks (mainly Cubs fans) would have you believe.  I mean, I understand that all teams can’t sell out, but they do have a relatively small park, so I AM a bit surprised that a team that was in first place all season didn’t sell out.

The fact that they’re selling out playoff games…what does that mean?  That there are a lot of bandwagon fans or just baseball fans who aren’t necessarily White Sox fans, scooping up tickets?

I just find it interesting.  Like New York (although not to that degree), Chicago is a big enough area to house two teams – so I don’t buy the "well we have two teams so of course we don’t sell out" excuse.  It’ll be interesting to see how the attendance is affected next year if the White Sox DON’T win the world series this year.

And just so it doesn’t sound like I’m picking on the White Sox, it’s interesting to note that Roger Clemens is up to his old tricks.  When he was on the Yankees, whenever there was a big game, especially in the post season, if he got hit hard he suddenly developed a blister, a sore back/leg/neck/arm…some kind of "injury" that would take him out of the game – sparing him from more humiliation.    And fancy that…same thing happened last night. 

Red Sox fans all remember his taking himself out of a World Series game in 1986 – sadly, Astros fans are getting a glimpse of how he works under real pressure.

I didn’t watch the game last night and I’ve only watched bits and pieces of tonight’s game.  It’s funny how your perspective changes when your team isn’t in it – I keep looking at the fans and thinking "dam it looks cold!".

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Sports Chicks

I’ve owned the domain name "" for a while.  I’ve had the email address "chickie at" for years.  So I’m not some Johnny come lately.  But to be honest, I never realized all that much how many people laugh at women sports fans or just don’t take them seriously at all.

I’ve written about this briefly before…when I was ranting about the "Sports Guy"…and I spoke about it very briefly with MLB radio when I was interviewed back in September…but I’m STILL getting emails from women baseball fans (of all affiliations, I should  mention, not just Red Sox fans) wondering how people react to my passion for baseball and the Red Sox.

I was fortunate to be born into a family with as many women sports fans as there are men fans.  But I will never forget having drinks with coworkers about ten years ago.  The Sox were on tv and one of the men in our group noticed my attention being taken away from the table and focussed on the television.

"Some day we’ll go to a game together, and I’ll teach you how to keep score," he says to me.

This is the way it is for a lot of women.  When I told this guy that I knew how to keep score, he was genuinely surprised.  See, this is why Bill Simmons makes me so mad.  Because he’s married to some stereotypical "ooh sports are icky" woman, he perpetuates the myth that more woman are like her than actually are.

Go to any ballpark and talk to the women who are there.  I guarantee you that you’ll find more woman who are there for more reasons than just "well, Jason Varitek is really cute".

But, I must admit, my introduction to baseball came because I was watching with my father and great-grandfather and I caught site of Freddy Lynn.  Whoa, baby…he was a hottie!  One glance at Freddy and my six year old butt was in front of the television any time the Sox were on!

But appreciating the good looks of the players was only the introduction.  Wanting to pay attention to the players made me want to pay attention to the game.

Because, let’s be honest, baseball isn’t always the most exciting sport to watch, so digging on the cute guys was NOT enough to keep me interested.

Whenever anyone asks me about being a woman fan, I always tell them that women enjoy baseball on TWO levels…on the typical fan level, for love of the game itself and on the "chick" level, the "oh my God does Derek Jeter have beautiful eyes" level.  (Mind you, that isn’t MY level, I’m trying to relate to ALL the fans here!  My level is more, "God, Mike Timlin has the cutest freckles!")

I can rattle off stats as well as many…and I have vivid memories from baseball starting as early as 1975…one of my all-time favorite teams is the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates because that was the first World Series I stayed up for on my own to watch.  I rooted for the Pirates when all the boys in my class were rooting for the Orioles just because they were American Leauge.  I had "Tanner’s Terrors" and "We are Family" written on all my books.  1975 might be the year I started following the Sox, but 1979 was the year I started to love BASEBALL.

So maybe I do think the guys are cute.  I can also call a balk usually before the home plate umpire does and my fantasy baseball teams usually kick butt.

At one of the last games of the season, they showed a tribute to Dennis Eckersley on the scoreboard and they listed all his accomplishments.  Out loud, but to no one in particular I said, "I bet they won’t mention that he’s the guy who gave up "the" homerun to Kirk Gibson".  A guy behind me leaned over and asked "he was?" – I just nodded and smiled and he says "Wow, you really know your baseball, huh?".

Uh, yes.  Yes I do.

I’m at a place in my life when the people who know me also know about my passion for baseball and take it fairly seriously.  Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the fact that I speak fairly intelligently about baseball whenever the subject arises. 

Whatever it is, I’m past worrying about being taken seriously by people who don’t know me.  I speak (and write) about the sport I love.  I know I’m not always right, nor is my opinion always popular, but it’s mine and I don’t ask anyone to subscribe to my point of view or my various beliefs.  So there you have it.

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Is EVERYONE a “Nation”?

Red Sox Nation and Raider Nation have been around for many year, but I’ve never heard of other fan bases being called "Nation" until this year (after the Red Sox win the World Series – I’m sure there is a connection).  Now we have people calling themselves members of "Yankees Nation", "White Sox Nation", "Cardinals Nation"…since when?

I find it an amusing after-effect of the Red Sox and their fans getting so much publicity.

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