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Well, I can admit when I’m wrong

I was so mad at Tito last night for blustering his way through the "where was Manny" stuff last night.  But after reading about what he’s been dealing with in regard to Manny, and how the team feels…I just can’t imagine how he’s handling this without beating someone…seriously.

Tito is, to me, invaluable to this team right now.  He needs a raise and a new contract.  Pronto.

I’m glad they didn’t trade Manny and I’m glad Manny came out and finally said something to make the fans happy.  I’m even happier that Billy Mueller is still at third base.  🙂

Now hopefully the team can put all this behind them and keep playing great ball.

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“Clear His Head Out”

Tito just said the reason Manny was pulled from the lineup is because he wants to give him the next couple of days to "clear his head out" because of what is going on.

I’m a big Tito supporter, usually, but give me a break.  Billy Mueller has been mentioned in trade talks all week but you still see him out there.  So this is what it’s going to be?  They’re going to create another Pedro situation.

Now Tito is still on and he’s saying "Manny was in the dugout in the ninth inning".

Big freaking deal, Tito…what about the other eight innings?

So Manny blows off the Tampa Bay game and his punishment is getting more time off?

How does that work?

I’m disgusted with Tito right now, absolutely disgusted.

(Editing the post to add):

I think if Tito had Manny sit LAST  night I wouldn’t be this bugged by it.  Sitting him last night is a reprimand; sitting him tonight is doing him a favor.

I guess all points will be moot if they end up trading Manny.

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Manny is out of the lineup tonight….

…holy cow.

I can’t even fathom that this means he’s been traded.



I’m hoping this is more of Manny being Manny.  As pissed as I’ve been at him, lately, I don’t want to see him gone.  Not just yet, anyway.  Not before the end of the season.

I’d rather this be his giving the team more aggravation…let his teammates deal with him.


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Alan Embree?

Forget all this Manny Ramirez trade talk…I don’t think it’ll happen.  Okay, I don’t WANT it to happen and Jayson Stark says it isn’t happening (not that I give him all that much credit, but anyway…) so that’s good enough for me to ignore for now.

I’m still reeling from the site of Alan Embree in pinstripes.

What the heck is this?

This is Embree in his first appearance out of the Yankees bullpen.

Blech! Doesn’t begin to cover it.

And here are some quotes from our old pal Al:

Regarding David Ortiz:

“I’m left-handed, so I’m supposed to face him and I’m supposed to get him out.  “That’s how I’m going to approach it. I’m not going to change anything that I’ve done before. I’ve challenged guys. Usually, I bet on me.”

Yeah, Al…you’re going to OWN Big Papi.

And how’s this beauty? In regard to the World Series ring:

“It’s a beautiful ring, but that was last year.  I’m trying to get one here now. There would really be nothing more satisfying than to get one here right now.”

I was a big Embree supporter, even during his worst times this season…but I have to admit that I was absolutely thrilled when it looked like he was going to be the goat in today’s game.

Too bad the Angels just stink like cheese.

Good luck, Alan.  Hope you don’t even make the playoffs.

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